About Us

The Agrim Projects Services is a professional services company with registered offices and operations in Kuwait, USA, Ghana and India. Agrim is dedicated to provide affordable products, bulk materials, logistics and human resource services to a variety of industries including Energy, Defense and Mining sectors in Middle East and Africa.

Our philosophy is to work closely with each client to understand their specific objectives, environment and challenges. Once these are clearly understood, we then customize a set of services to meet the commercial and technical needs of the client. Agrim generates a detailed execution plan for each project and clearly highlight the schedule and completion. Our objective is to deliver a single source of accountability across all aspects of the project, while ensuring that the schedule, safety and financial measures are achieved.

Agrim is primarily focusing on FOUR areas:

  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Material Supply
  • Logistical & Support Services
  • Labor brokerage


Agrim is committed to give professional services to a variety of customer base. To provide dedicated attention to different customers, Agrim have separate divisions: Energy, Defense, Natural Resources, Engineering & Fabrication, Electrical & Instrumentation, Fire fighting & detection and Information Technology.

Our Logo:
Our logo has two major parts , the first one is dynamic rings. They represent the dynamism and forward movement and advancement of the organization. The red color of the ring represents hard work and dedication. The blue color of the ring represents deep knowledge to the product and services and wide openness to learn new things. “ A” in the middle of the logo derived from the “Boom” which is symbol of business tradition of Kuwait. It also represent “ Agrim” . The green color of A represents out commitment to the earth and our motto of “ Go Green”.

Mission Statement:
We are a quality focused organization, managing a strategic logistic support base by providing comprehensive products and services to Oil & Gas, Defense and other major industries.
We seek to maintain and grow our reputation for providing excellent project management services, cost effective and innovative solutions, and final installations which will be accepted as high quality by the reputed clients.

Agrim Projects Services : A 12, Al Habdan Towers, Sea Side Road, Mangaf, Mangaf 65452 | Phone: +965 237 122 17 | Fax: +965 237 122 18