Fire and Safety

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We are capable of undertaking any kind of job related to Fire Detection, Prevention and Fire Fighting System in Kuwait. Our highly qualified and well experienced crew can handle your challenges.

We install security camera and access control systems. GPS monitoring of your vehicles in and outside Kuwait.

We are the agents of Aurora Technology Corporation and Firewall® from S. Korea

The next – Generation fire extinguisher, FIREWALL is environmentally friendly,As the existing halon used in fire extinguishers was disclosed as being very potent destroyers of the OZONE LAYER, it was regulated by Montreal protocol on substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer established in 1987, As a result, developed countries have already managed to prohibit production of halon and other countries that followed the protocol have also prohibited the production of halon. To correspond to this, FIREWALL® was developed for the first time in Korea. FIREWALL® has been produced by the technology developed in a space science lab in Russia for military purpose in 25 years ago. Like Halon 1301, it is very simple to operate as solid fuel consists of specified fire extinguishing substance burn itself and extinguish fires. Also, it has a very effective advantage with physical and chemical qualities, in the condition of density. In addition, it is very easy to install because it doesn’t need any pipes or the choice of the storeroom location. Moreover it is simple to maintain and repair. Thus it is very suitable equipment for expensive equipments, a panel board, communications room, an engine room or special facilities like laboratories and transportations such as ships, motor vehicles and airplanes.

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